15 Agustus 2008

I'm finally BACK with shop photos!

Finally!! since pretty loong period posting, ah, rambling about life and stuffs and stuffs and else and else.
I just thought I should post them -the ramblings- so ehm, sorry for my selfishness.
And before you click the pics and grab them rightaway to your HD, I'll be pleased to announce that

I have a new blog!!!! XD

*eeh?? Is it that worthy to announce?? Oh please... =P

Personal blog, anyway!
To avoid myself being overly selfish to type too much about the life here.
*anyway please highlight the "type too much" ^^. Cz it means I'll still write some real-life-related stuffs here but not as long as before
-especially the entry right before this! XD

Okay now you're allowed to click the thumbnails XD
Credit and thanks to lovekira220
Reupload to your server if you want to post them anywhere.

Tegoshi could detect your "ah.. I'll hotlink these"aura, just like that man in Hanakimi!
*look at Tegoshi10 shop. He's detecting your aura. Beware....*

My new blog?


That's the link!

Ahaha, yeahs, FC2 again!
I think I'm getting more and more into FC2. Moreover after they released the English version of their site.
Hmm... Nice!!
Beside, they also have cute icons and layouts. Wa~~~~y cuter than blogger's and wa~~~y easier+faster to operate.
So now I'm thinking up to move this blog to my "tegolicious" in FC2 (?)
Oh, wait.

Moving = backing up datas = re-write all ur entries = .....

I think I'll re-consider it (-_-;)

Jeez I'm so sleepy and tired now. Just finished packing things to move to Yogyakarta this morning @7am.
Move, live alone, and start to be the 1st semester colleger at UGM this Aug19.
I hope I'll be a good and trustworthy architect (^_^=)
Minna, wish me luck! (>_<) And before I'm off to bed, you might want to click here,
NewshFan did it soo quickly than ever!
Yes, go go girls! Let's click and give thankies to her XD

*Ga~~h I'm getting overly excited and now I'm sure I can't even go to sleep! XDD*


*fell asleep on the keyboard and have nice dreams about NEWS =P

I found a cute-drummer-guy-from-the-indie-band-out-of-my-school-performing-Jrock in my ex-highschool Bunkasai XD
Ah, cutee... So far he's beaten Tegoshi for five days. Hmhmhm (^////^)

Ja, minna, oyasumi~

2 chocos:

C H I C A mengatakan...

wah, wah...

gw ke sini niatnya gw mau ngambil beberapa shop photo yang belum sempat gw download

ternyata dirimu kembali dengan shop photo yg baru

bagus... bagus...

gw ambil semuanya ya, thank u Laras~

oh, jangan lupa yg Massu
*dihajar karena rakus*

Ruth mengatakan...


udah sampe jogja kan??
sekarang lagi ospek ya??

ntar kalo udah agak kosong abis dari berbagai penyambutan maba,,
imel ke aq aja..sapa tw bisa ketemu..

akhirnya ketemu 'sesama' juga di Jogja!!^^